Mary Jane Cecilia Gregan
September 11, 1947 - October 7, 2021
Soller-Baker Funeral Homes, Inc.
Anna Timperman
Marcia Melincoff
Jeff and Sarah Day
Jud Dolphin
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Soller-Baker Funeral Homes & Crematory, Lafayette Chapel
400 Twyckenham Blvd
Lafayette, IN 47909
Sunday 10/17, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Soller-Baker Funeral Homes & Crematory, Lafayette Chapel
400 Twyckenham Blvd
Lafayette, IN 47909
Sunday 10/17, 2:00 pm

Those wishing to perpetuate Mary Jane’s impact on her community may make contributions toward Seeds of Excellence grants at the Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County, to the St. John’s/LUM Food Bank, or to someone who needs you to become their bridge over troubled water.

On eagles’ wings, local artist and educator, Mary Jane Cecilia Gregan, was lifted from Mulberry, Indiana to conduct the Heavenly choirs on Thursday, October 7, 2021. Seventy-four years earlier, in the small Pennsylvania town of Edinboro, Mary Jane became a first-generation American-born descendant of Slovakian immigrant parents, Peter George Gregan and Margaret Catherine Baynok Gregan;…

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Anna Timperman left a message on October 16, 2021:
In memory of Mary Jane Cecilia Gregan, Anna Timperman lit a candle
Marcia Melincoff left a message on October 15, 2021:
Mary Jane had an extraordinary way of really seeing individuals who felt marginalized and that they didn't fit in. She reached through their silence and fear and created a space where they could enter and became a part of something joyful. She was love, kindness and compassion and will always be in our hearts.
Jeff and Sarah Day left a message on October 15, 2021:
Matt and family, it’s with deepest sympathy we hope you find peace and comfort in the many positive memories to carry on traditions in honor of your mother and sister. Our thoughts and prayers continue for you!
Joan Papalia-Eisert left a message on October 14, 2021:
Dearest Matt and all of Mary Jane's family and friends, I would never have been a singer had I not met and studied with your mom!. And she was also my friend; she and Carol DeSalvo Lidfeldt spent time at my home with my parents and brother- I even have some home movies of us, which I hope to share with you when I get them transferred to cds. The most poignant aspect of my time with your mom was that she sensed I was deeply troubled, even though she didn't know why until decades later (Carol DeSalvo Lidfeldt as well). I stuttered severely so her encouragement, support, and compassion gave me the gift of fluency when I sang! She is my role model to this day... My heart is so full of love and gratitude to her... You and your siblings are stellar testaments to her as an artist, mother, and world influencer!
Debbie Smith Beckett left a message on October 14, 2021:
I first met Mary Jane while taking a week long continuing education class with one of my teammates. We quickly discovered Mary Jane's amazing gifts and talents.We were needing a new music teacher for the following year. We knew immediately that this amazing lady needed to join our family at Burnett Creek. She talked about being ready for a change and we excitedly talked about how our school would be a perfect fit for her. And it came to pass. She enhanced our music program and inspired many students to embrace their passion for music. It was a perfect fit. We watched as Mary Jane composed a series of songs to commemorate the sorrow of 9/11. I remember being part of the 9/11 event orchestrated by her. Her talent was matched by her heart of gold. She left an extraordinary legacy for generations to come. I feel blessed by having known her and having called her a friend and colleague. I am so sorry for your loss. Iknow she is up in heaven composing some beautiful new music for the angels to sing. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Lafayette Urban Ministry left a message on October 14, 2021:
The Board and Staff of Lafayette Urban Ministry wish to extend our sincerest condolences to Paul, Matt, Jud, and Mary Jane's extended family, friends and students. May God hold all of you in the palm of His hand.
Jeff McCoy left a message on October 14, 2021:
Matt and Paul, this year is a tough year for your family so far. I’m so sorry to hear Mary has left us. Childhood memories are a funny thing. The smiles make it count. And your mother made it count to everyone she touched.
Jud Dolphin left a message on October 13, 2021:
In memory of Mary Jane Cecilia Gregan, Jud Dolphin lit a candle
Melissa George left a message on October 13, 2021:
Mary Jane was a wonderful inspiration to teachers/students at Lafayette Tecumseh Jr High/Middle School during her time there. As her colleague, I felt inspired by her energy, dedication, and kindness.
Carol DeSalvo Lidfeldt, Stockholm Sweden left a message on October 13, 2021:
My heart is broken for the loss of this wonderful extraordinary girl, as my roommate, who gave me so much support and enjoyment in teaching and living in Youngsville, Pa. Mary Jane made my life happier when we shared an apartment together. There are so many stories I have and they are all so very close to my heart! R.I.P my dear roommate Mary Jane Gregan! This is the photo we took in March 2015, Indiana, meeting up as roommates again after 40 years apart! Oh my, how sad to read this. Mary Jane was my roommate in Youngsville (at that time I was Miss DeSalvo)as we both taught at the Youngsville High School. There were SO MANY FUNNY EVENTS in our lives together in the apartment on top of the undertakers storage room! Beneath us on the first floor were empty coffins. We always thought there were bodies in them! We had such laughter together and really had a good time being the teachers in YHS. One evening in our apartment I planned on scaring Mary Jane as she was to come walking from the kitchen into our living room. Well, what I did not know was that she was carrying a bowl of pasta! So when I really scared her the entire bowl of pasta flew up in the air and went all over the living room and including the ceiling. So did she get angry, NO! She just laughed so hard that I almost wet myself. That was just one of our crazy times together. One day, on a Saturday morning, we slept in as we did not have to go to the school. As were were sleeping we heard a strange noise from our bedroom window. Well, we tried to ignore it but it got louder and closer to us. So we looked out the window and to our amazement and surprise, the Youngsville creek was full of ELEPHANTS! The circus was in town! So what happened then, Mary Jane laughed so hard and loud that the elephants moved on. Again, her wonderful hardy laugh came to our rescue! I could go on and on about our time together. I treasure it very much! One thing Mary Jane’s family can be very proud of is that she was so well liked by the school students, they really respected her and she made music come to life. She created the Madrigal music student group and took them everywhere to preform. They just loved it. I had the opportunity to meet Mary Jane again after 40 years apart as I was back in Indiana visiting some of my family. We met for lunch and it was just like we never moved away from each other. It was the highlight of my trip to spend the afternoon with my wonder crazy loved roommate. My heart is very sadden by her passing, we will all miss her loving spirit and laughter and good will!
Leslie Booth left a message on October 13, 2021:
She was my choir teacher in middle school so many years ago. She had such a big heart and beautiful smile. Her voice was amazing. My heart and prayers go out to the family. She will forever be missed. I will hold a piece of her in my heart always
Scott Muncy left a message on October 13, 2021:
I will never forget her teaching a drumming class one of her first years here at McCutcheon. I learned so much that day, and I will never forget it. She was a kind and generous woman and will be greatly missed.
Larissa left a message on October 13, 2021:
She used to call me a choir drop out when I had her because I had dropped choir! Everytime I saw her, that's the first thing she would say. I was also friends with Rachel in high school! I can't believe they're BOTH gone. R.I.P. To both of you, heaven gained 2 fantastic people
Soller-Baker Funeral Homes, Inc. left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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