At Soller-Baker, we understand how important it is for Lafayette families to have a permanent place to visit where they can honor and remember their loved one.

Traditional Burial

We work alongside all local cemeteries and can help you find an option that best fits your family’s budget and wishes. We can also help make arrangements for customized caskets and vaults.

Cremation Options

When you choose cremation at our on-site crematory, there are a variety of unique urns and keepsakes to choose from for permanent possession. You can also choose in-ground burial or inurnment in a columbarium niche. If you would like to scatter some or all of your loved one’s cremated remains, we can help you navigate the local laws at your chosen location.

Green or Natural Burial

For those who wish to minimize their impact on the environment, Soller-Baker provides natural burial options. This includes the use of easily biodegradable materials and avoiding the use of chemical preservatives.