Planning Ahead

Why should I plan ahead?

Families in Lafayette and its surrounding areas come to Soller-Baker to plan their own funerals and cremations for many reasons. We’ve outlined a few of those reasons below.

You make your own choices.

When planning a funeral, there are hundreds of detailed decisions to make. Preplanning gives you the control so your family won’t need to debate, discuss, and wonder about what you would have wanted. Your wishes will be clear at the time when they are most needed.

You save your family money.

When you preplan your own arrangements, we advise you on the costs involved so you can choose whether or not to set funds aside. If you pre-pay, you protect your family from future expenses while protecting yourself from escalating funeral costs. At Soller-Baker, we also offer discounts if you preplan and pre-pay with us. Imagine how grateful and relieved your family will be when they learn you’ve already taken care of everything. For more information on our discounts and preplanning, schedule an appointment with our preplanning counselor, Kay Burry.

You gain peace of mind.

Putting your wishes in writing lifts the burden off your family, while giving you confidence that your plans are arranged in a way that makes most sense to you. Making these decisions in a relaxed setting also gives you time to think things through, reducing stress for both you and your loved ones.

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